These are the compilation of slides in Oral Histology. Continuation of this post.



Tooth Development





Periodontal Ligament

Bone Tissue & Alveolar Process

For those who didn't come to the revision or still blurred about the answer scheme and how the examination works, here it is. (based on last year's exam)

1. There will be multiple microscope in a row. You have a piece of paper, and a doctor to watch over you.

2. Every one will stand infront 1 microscope then the exam start, and you need to see the slide given and answer the question.

3. Answer the question, then within 1-2 minutes, the doctor will instruct to move to another slide (Next!!). Time is crucial, so you should really know every slide with its structure before exam.

4. You may/may not be given a time to check your answer and write your name, group number, etc.

5. Finish.

- The question will be

"Identify the structure shown."
or maybe
"Identify and name the structure within it."

- The answer should be in this scheme:
The decalcified longitudinal section using Hx&E (HxE) showing Late Bell Stage of Tooth Development.
1. Ameloblast
2. Outer Enamel Epithelium
3. Inner Enamel Epithelium
4. Stellate Reticulum
5. Stratum Intermedium
6. Dental papilla
7. Odontoblast
8. Predentin

-The main points here are:
1. State wether its decalcified section or ground section.
2. Wether its longitudinal or transverse section.
3. If decalcified slide, state the stain used : Hematoxylin and Eunosin (Hx&E), Silver Stain, Iron Hematoxylin.
4. State the slide is a structure of ...
5. Then give every structure you can see in the slide.

Tips: Sometime, you can see the slide with naked eye and determine what it is. For example, if the microscope's lens pointed to tip of the crown, then you know, it's a structure within the crown (enamel, dentin etc.)

Hope it help a lil bit.

p/s: announcement from mrs Manal :

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MaNaL: SALAM...BERITA GEMBIRA TUK TAHUN1 DENTIST----->minggu depan selasa 26hb InsyAllah akan ada exam practical oral tadi ada revision tuk slide2 yg akan masuk exam.sapa2 yg xpg revision td lehla ziarah member2 discuss pasal slide tuk kita sama2 dapaT fullmark tuk practical oral histo sbyk 20mark(midterm+final) tuk skema pmarkahan lehla bkunjung ke blog abrar mahmud .Tuk akhawat d alu2 kan tuk dtg ziarah umah sy d syarie samanoudi tuk dptkan slide oral histo ..slide subjek lain pon ade gak,jar anat bla2(promot la pulak ) .moga sama2 kita rebut full mark. sama2 bkongsi ilmu yg ada bia pon sikit kan jd bukit (1+1 =2).insyAllah. p/s : kejayaan milik bersama.. bittaufiq wannajah!

Oral Histo again..
Mansourah Egypt.

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