Berikut contoh-contoh soalan oral histology tahun 1 beserta jawapan.

Download: Soalan Oral Histology.doc [tinyupload]
Soalan Oral Histology [mediafire]

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Sample soalan yang ada di dalam file tersebut:

1. MCQ
1- What structure is formed in the crown first?
a- Enamel.
b- Cementum.
c- Pulp.
d- Dentine.

2- Which of the following induces the dental papilla cells to be differentiated into odontoblasts?
a- Stratum intermedium.
b- Reduced enamel epithelium.
c- Inner enamel epithelium.
d- Outer enamel epithelium.

2. True or False
State true or false
1- After destruction of enamel by caries or injury, neither the body nor the dentist can restore the enamel tissue.
2-Enamel is extremely hard because of its high mineral content.
3- The permeability is the property that enables enamel to withstand the mechanical forces applied during tooth functioning.

3. Enumerate

1- Enumerate the stages of odontogenesis
2- Eneumerate the function of inner dental epithelium
3- State the functions of the dental sac.

4. Complete the sentence
1-......................... comprises matrix formation and mineralization of cementum.
2- The ............................ will induce the neighboring cells of the dental papilla to differentiate into odontoblasts.
3-The epithelial root sheath of Hertwig will loss its continuity and its cells become ............................................
4- The cells entrapped in the mineralized cementum are referred to as ................................and occupy lacunae.

5. Give an account
1- Give an account on four of the following:
a) Age changes of the pulp.
b) Odontoblastic processes & dentinal tubules.
c) Secondary dentine.
d) Cellular cementum.
e) Odontoblast.
f) Cementoblast.
g) Accessory root canals

6. Scientific terms.

Selamat study.

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